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Suction System Care

Protect your valuable investment



Daily disinfection of your suction system is vital to keep your suction lines clean and maintain your equipment and suction unit. Puli Jet Gentle strength as a disinfectant means that it kills bacteria, helping to maintain a safer work environment.

Puli Jet Gentle leaves a residue on the inside of pipes and suction tubes in order to stop bacterial growth on these surfaces – preventing blockages and unpleasant odours.

Puli Jet Gentle


Antifoaming Disinfectant Tablets

Antifoaming Disinfectant Tablets

Foaming within your system can be detrimental to your suction unit which can lead to excessive repair bills.

Antifoaming disinfectant tablets reduce foaming in suction systems created by blood and mucus, as well as releasing a disinfectant as it dissolves throughout the day.

These tablets are to be used in conjunction with the daily Puli Jet Gentle process.

Pulse Cleaner

The Pulse Cleaner is used to automatically aspirate Puli Jet Gentle disinfectant solution through the suction system. It aspirates air and fluids to create turbulance to achieve effective disinfection and cleaning.

Pulse Cleaner

Lubri Jet Silicone Drops

Lubri Jet Silicone Drops

Lubri Jet is a silicone based lubricant oil supplied in a handy dropper bottle. Lubri Jet silicone drops are ideal for lubricating rubber o-rings and seals which increases their lifespan. This product also ensures easy operation of routine inlet filter and amalgam container maintenance.


Use of approved Cattani Care Products are the only products recommended for your system as they are specifically designed, tested and approved by the manufacturer. Anything less could compromise the performance and value of your investment.

Pulse Cleaner with hoses small


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