Shipping Terms

Shipping Terms & Conditions
Cattani will deliver FIS to Distributor’s warehouse (or directly to the End-user if directed when the invoice total is equal to or greater than $1500.00 (exclusive of GST)). The method of transportation and carrier will be at the selection of Cattani. If shipment is made at Distributor’s request via a method other than which would normally be used by Cattani, delivery will be made on a COF (Cargo Insurance Freight) basis to destination and the Distributor shall pay to Cattani the actual freight and any other charges incurred by Cattani in forwarding the order to its destination. The distributor shall have no right or action against Cattani in respect of any loss occurring to it by reason of any delivery occasioned by shortage of stock or delays in transit or delays caused by accidents or strikes.

However, if the Distributor requires a special method of delivery, Cattani may charge additional delivery costs to the Distributor depending upon the order size, destination and the delivery time-frame required by the Distributor. Special methods include, without limitation, time specified delivery (i.e. certain day at a certain time), assistance with unloading or placing Products into location and delivery to remote locations.


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