Cattani Australia is committed to providing the highest levels of quality in the supply and support of air technology to the dental industry.

We are committed to continually improving our quality processes and system, and every member of our team is directly involved in this process.

Through our commitment to quality, we will increase value to our customers, eliminate anything that does not lead to a better outcome for a customer and have real pride in what we do.

To achieve this, Cattani Australia will:

  • Comply with all relevant legal and statutory requirements.
  • Commit necessary resources to achieve and improve an effective quality system.
  • Continually set and review progress on quality and management objectives.
  • Have a quality planning system to ensure effective implementation of our quality plans.
  • Promote quality awareness and employee involvement in quality improvement.
  • Make quality outcomes the joint responsibility of Management and Employees.
  • Have a committed training program for our people in quality and the Cattani quality system.
  • Understand our customers’ requirements, including standards to which our product should comply, and meet those requirements.
  • Actively seek and understand our customers’ perceptions of our product, service and performance.
  • Maintain a committed quality system to ISO 9001:2008

This Policy shall be reviewed annually, and all changes shall be communicated to the entire team.

Jason Borg and Daniela Garfi

Quality Representatives

Reviewed: July 2016 

Next review date: July 2017

Email us at quality@cattani.com.au


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