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Single Surgery Portable Suction and Back Up

Aspi-Jet is the perfect Single Surgery Suction Back Up Solution with unparalleled quality, performance, and reliability. Superior design, mechanical precision and robust components results in the Aspi-Jet suction system being backed by a 1-year parts and labour warranty.


Why the Aspi-Jet

The Cattani Aspi-Jet is energy efficient, low maintenance with high vacuum performance.

Installation is as easy as plug and play  with no technician required, backed with our one year warranty.

Aspi Jet 6


Consistent High Performance

Aspi-Jets are built for continuous use, even though they are compact in size and can be easily moved around from one surgery to another.

Aspi-Jet is an ideal back up suction unit in case there is a failure with the surgeries centralised suction system.

The Aspi-Jet is a good option when it is difficult to get plumbing to the dental chair such as remote and rural clinics.

The Aspi-Jet has a reputation with charities in Australia and overseas as being the ideal solution for treating patients in environments where portability and reliability is paramount.


Care Products

Cleaning, disinfecting and system maintenance are imperative to ensure long life of the suction system. Failure to properly clean, disinfect or maintain the system as per the manufacturer’s recommendations may affect the warranty. Cattani have products available that are fully compatible with the system’s components and deliver the ultimate care.

Warranty Information

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Accessories and Care Products
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  • Aspirate Puli Jet PLUS NEW disinfectant solution through the suction hoses
  • Clear suction filter in the dental surgery
  • Insert Antifoaming Disinfecting tablet into the suction filter in the dental surgery
  • Clear inlet filter
  • Replace Bacterial Filter
  • Check all hose connections ensuring they are tight and not leaking
  • Replace flexible hoses connecting the unit


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