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Amalgam Retention

The Cattani Hydrocyclone. Simple and effective.

The Cattani Hydrocyclone is a simple but effective concept, which uses the fluid pressure created by the suction system to achieve retention. Two models are available, the ISO-6 for the Micro Smart, and the ISO-18 for the Turbo Smart. Both these systems can be purchased with your new Smart suction system, or retro-fitted to it at a later date. Cattani work together certified recyclersto bring you simple and hassle-free collection and recycling of your separated amalgam.

Amalgam Retention
How it works

Fluids are forced into the Hydrocyclonic cone and forced in a downward spiral motion. When fluids reach the base of the Hydrocyclone, they are forced to make a rapid inversion, at which point amalgam particles, being heavier than fluid, fall into the collection canister. Simple!

Upgrade to Amalgam Retention, Simple!

Cattani SMART units can be retro fitted with the Hydrocyclone Amalgam Retention Unit at any stage. This process can be carried out on site by a trained technician, in less than an hour, having you back up and running in no time.

Installation of the Hydrocyclone to an existing SMART Suction unit does not effect power consumption, the decibel rating or require any additional space.



Cattani are here to assist you with the planning of the installation of your suction system in order to ensure optimum performance and longevity of equipment. Feel free to contact the Cattani Technical Team to discuss the many important aspects to your plant room set up and requirements.

Call our technical team at +61 3 9484 1120
Care Products

Cleaning, disinfecting and system maintenance are imperative to ensure long life of the suction system. Failure to properly clean, disinfect or maintain the system as per the manufacturer’s recommendations may affect the warranty. Cattani have products available that are fully compatible with the system’s components and deliver the ultimate care.

Warranty Information

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