Suction System Disinfectants

Antifoaming Disinfectant Tablets
Antifoaming disinfectant tablets reduce foaming in suction systems created by blood and mucus, as well as releasing a disinfectant as it dissolves through out the day
Product Code: M-040825
Lubri Jet Silcone Drops
Lubri Jet is a silicone based lubricant oil supplied in a handy dropper bottle, ideal for lubricating rubber o-rings and seals, which increase lifespan
Product Code: C-040720
Puli Jet Gentle
Puli Jet Gentle
Puli Jet Gentle's strength as a disinfectant means that it kills bacteria, helping to maintain a safer work environment
Product Code: M-060970
Pulse Cleaner
The Pulse Cleaner is used to automatically aspirate Puli Jet Gentle disinfectant solution through the suction system
Product Code: C-040720


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